Note*- Dynamics 365 Finance is now being licensed separately from Dynamics 365 Operations, which were earlier available as an integrated application Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. F&O was formerly launched as Dynamics AX to help large enterprises.

Business Intelligence based Financial Planning

Connecting and managing clients, handling finances, and offering an integrated environment for automating projects, Dynamics 365 Finance is now licensed as a standalone application. It offers extensive support and assistance to streamline key financial operations and project-related processes. Optimizing the management of human capital and offering real-time visibility to maximize business profitability, this dynamic solution drives automation and digital innovation across all touchpoints within an organization.

Optimize financial visibility and Business profitability

With built-in predictive analytics and intelligence, this intuitive application integrates with existing systems and help business adapt to changing requirements efficiently. Empower your team and anticipate customer demands swiftly for maximum organizational benefits:

  • Core accounting, electronic banking, budgeting and planning.
  • Financial reporting, consolidations & tax compliance.
  • Multi-language, multi-company, multi-currency entities.
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration.

Drive strategic financial decisions with AI

Unify and automate your financial processes

Reduce operational expenses

Decrease global financial complexity

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Business Intellegence Based

Finance Operations

Data-driven reporting capabilities, financial intelligence, and real-time analytics assist in faster closing books and simplifying financial management. You can activate flexible financial reporting that supports multiple legal entities and currencies in a single instance. Eventually, it manages foreign exchange, improves cashflow, and increases profits. Key financial operations including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Fixed Assets are best managed with this robust financial management solution.

Drive Digital Innovation & Transformation

Reduce operational expenses while driving high operational efficiency and intuitive capabilities.

Gain Actionable Insights & Business Analytics

Leverage Built-in intelligence to understand new Finance Trends and patterns.

Robust Financial Reporting Capabilities

Use in-depth reporting capabilities to address complex tax compliance requirements.