Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX For Manufacturing Sector

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With advancing globalization and growing socio-environmental realization, the manufacturing sector has encountered both opportunities and challenges in pursuit of comprehensive operational insights. In such a case, Microsoft Dynamics AX assists manufacturers to make the most of these emerging prospects and knock the challenges with an efficient ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution.

Specifically designed to support manufacturing business, its principal objective is to accredit workers engaged in all kinds of manufacturing operations discrete information and businesslike tools to execute individual requisites of the manufacturing process. Microsoft Dynamics AX with its unified capabilities is the global choice to run as well as solve most complex manufacturing business operations efficiently.

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Production Planning

To kick-start manufacturing operations and gain profitability, planning is initially the most imperative and indispensable part. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides efficient solutions to manage an array of production operations, including organized production orders, manufacturing schedules, capacity loadings, delivery (dates and accuracy), and material feasibility. Time and attendance capabilities render services to log queue time, setup time, run time, and execution time required for each operation. For a smoother execution of all the business operations, one can leverage Microsoft Dynamics AX to track the working hours (start and end time), types of activities performed, and quantity of work done.

With Master Planning, administrators examine available capacity, inventory levels, purchase, and transportation lead time by performing finite material and capacity scheduling simultaneously. This opens the door to a well-grounded plan purchase, production, transfer of orders to optimize production flow and render expedite delivery services. Using disparate master plans, business operators can anticipate the impact of sales forecasts and planning strategies. Microsoft Dynamics AX Production Planning offers to outsource production, quick respond to changing production dimensions, minimize inventory outlay to stimulate production management efficiently.    

Sequencing and Scheduling

While managing manufacturing processes, administrators can employ Microsoft Dynamics AX to minimize setup and changeover time. Based on user-defined sequence IDs and sequence groups, detailed capacity planning enables the administrators to separate operations into individual jobs.

This ERP solution can be leveraged for disparate forms of manufacturing as follows-

Discrete Manufacturing— Dealing with the manufacturing of finished products, easily counted and seen, business administrators can manage sales order creation, BOMs (Bill of Material), route group, and operation resource with Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities of supply chain management.  

Process Manufacturing— Microsoft Dynamics AX proffers extensive support to administrators running process manufacturing. As it entails the production of items by embedding supplies, ingredients using a formula, co-product and by-product planning, allocation of costs for unplanned co-products, formula management, and multi-dimensional capabilities can drive substantial buildout.  

Lean manufacturing— To meet on a demand-pull, to reduce waste, and to stimulate agility to respond, the Kanban scheduling system offered by Microsoft Dynamics AX assists administrators in experiencing an expedite business growth. Efficient in delivering in-time manufacturing, this ERP solution stimulates the effectiveness and profitability of the business operations. 

Also, forecast scheduling attracts global manufacturers the most to execute and stimulate business operations with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Production scheduling proffers optimized resource and materials used as per the capacity and availability respectively. Also, it renders the guidance to check the usage of alternatives as and when required. Administrations can recapitulate long-term purchase, resource, and production requirements most efficiently with this dynamic, cloud-based, single platform ERP solution for the manufacturing sector.

Quality Management

Administrators can witness an escalating business growth in manufacturing operations if they leverage Microsoft Dynamics AX for robust quality control and management of their products. It may appear the simplest of all operations, accounts for the optimum profitability. Microsoft Dynamics AX Quality Management deals with schedule tasks, correction tasks, diagnostics, quality standard testing, and validation. It enables the administrators to speculate product quality, product orders, product correlation, nonconformance, timesheet hours, and miscellaneous charges efficiently through optimized supply chain processes. Global business operators can add feathers in the cap with Microsoft Dynamics AX, offering extensive features to check violation of quality standards, initiate an automatic and predefined quality control process, block the non-approved inventory and conduct item sampling. Administrators can optimize the company’s performance by reviewing the impact of quality measures. Rendering efficient solutions for creating test types, allocation of resources, and generation of documented reporting, this intuitive ERP solution assists manufacturers to meet such prospective.  

Stock Control

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers logical flexibility essentially required for standardized inventory management. This module renders forecasting, purchasing, classifying, and tracking. Business operators can leverage this efficient ERP solution to procure global expansion. With its intuitive feature of exchanging information with other modules, including production, trade, master planning, and finance, administrators can build coherent integration and optimize inventory levels by coordinating on-going customer demand with supply. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides stock dimensions solutions for classifying inventory according to the storage and characteristics of the product. Key functionalities to support extensive stock control includes setting up cycle counting thresholds, controlling layout, monitoring item arrivals, utilizing direct put-away, tracking inventory movement, and ensuring inventory accuracy.

Human Capital Management

Substantial development of human capital accounts for the core of a growing business. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides stimulates resource management curtailing the complex operations and costs associated with employee administration. Key capabilities include Core Human Resource Management, Organization Management, Recruitment Management, Absence Management, Competency Management, Employee Management, and Course Administration. HR managers can procure the advantage of integrating this module with other modules, including Payroll, Project Management, Sales And Marketing, General Ledger, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft SQL Server Report Service and gain improved insights to streamline all the operations of resource management.

Time and Attendance Integration

This functionality enables administrators to integrate time and attendance through disparate groups. For instance, the absence of workers is speculated through absence groups and related absence codes. Similarly, calculation groups, approval groups assist supervisors and payroll officers respectively to check workers’ registrations. Flex groups help in forming workers’ groups, who can pick flexible working hours to avoid halting in manufacturing operations. Rendering profile calendar, work planner, and electronic timecards capabilities, this efficient ERP solution ensures outright utilization of its resources within the stipulated time.  

Microsoft Dynamics AX scales manufacturing operations with unified operations resource models, self-service business intelligence and reporting, and flexible resource deployment across multiple routings.  Rendering simple solutions of user account setup, offering role-based security for its maintenance and providing single sign-on capabilities, this cloud-based ERP solution is hand-picked by multifarious global manufacturers for a rapid buildout and prominence.

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