All You Need To Know About NetSuite Warehouse Management

Netsuite Warehouse Management

Efficient warehouse management is considered as the key to success for any growth oriented business. Inventory is something which you need to maintain efficiently in order to stay ahead in the competition. Optimum inventory management is very crucial as both over or under inventory cause substantial financial impact on business. Furthermore, supply chain complexity is growing at swift pace enabling businesses to turn towards technology to ensure high mobility among workers while increasing productivity. Organizations with poor inventory management face several negative impacts on business like pushing delivery dates back, customer dissatisfaction, and other negative consequences down the line. To overcome the complexities and to address the pain points associated with complicated supply chain landscape, organizations are turning to supply chain management systems that enable them to collect, parse and display data gathered throughout the global process. NetSuite Warehouse Management System makes inventory management a much faster, easier and efficient task.

As a true SaaS, cloud-based inventory management solution, NetSuite enables organizations to manage all key business processes in a single system. Engineered for high-growing, mid-sized businesses and large enterprises, NetSuite automates front- and back-office processes to streamline processes while ensuring productivity. NetSuite Warehouse Management System is designed for organizations that believes that controlling inventory, fulfillment and shipping costs are the three pillars of any successful business. NetSuite helps organizations to optimize all resources within the distribution operations to minimize the total cost of operation by increasing agility, visibility and labor efficiency. Moreover, organizations can optimize their distribution operations using RF device directed putaway. With NetSuite, organizations can implement their strategies using customized workflows and optimize their processes with advanced capabilities like wave management, cartonization, cycle count planning, real time inventory updates and integration with shipping systems. Leveraging industry leading practices such as intelligent pick and pack processes, integration with shipping systems, etc NetSuite helps you to efficiently run warehouse while minimizing handling costs. With NetSuite, each transaction entered is automatically updated in the cloud in real-time.

NetSuite, further, enables organizations to track inventory across multi-location, alongside bin tracking and cycle counting. With authorization receipt and cycle count plans, NetSuite allows you to more efficiently run your warehouse. With NetSuite, you can add all warehouse-specific parameters alongside getting the flexibility to define and configure to optimize where you store inventory. NetSuite can help in expiration and shelf life tracking along with License Plating and Barcode Labeling. NetSuite offers advance functionality like wave management, user defined putaway / pick strategies, dynamic replenishments, cycle counting, ASN handling and kitting to ensure that you get everything which is required to operate an efficient warehouse. With native warehouse mobility, NetSuite empowers organizations with the ability to direct the user to perform their picks and putaways following optimized routes as defined during the set up of the Advanced WMS system.

Core Capabilities of NetSuite Warehouse Management

Inbound Logistics – In order to run successful business, it is important to manage transportation, receipt and storage of inbound inventory. With NetSuite, you can manage everything from expediting outstanding orders to container management and scheduling specific receipt dates. You can also perform inspections to track vendor quality to ensure that the products meet your requirements. You can also automate processes with comprehensive mobile application for receiving, picking and cycle counting.

Purchase Order Receiving – With NetSuite, you can streamline the receiving process. NetSuite enables you to manage the receipt of your outstanding purchase orders with quick reminders and workflows. Furthermore, NetSuite enables you to follow directly with your primary contact by email and/or phone number.

Quality Assurance – NetSuite empowers you to establish all types of inspections and tests alongside enabling you to control limits and acceptance criteria. NetSuite also notifies you about the dispositioning product that fails inspection including returning to the vendor where necessary.

Container Tracking – With NetSuite, you can also perform Inbound Shipment Management. NetSuite offers you the capabilities to define and track containers of goods when they make their way to your company from suppliers. You can create the record of the container. Furthermore, NetSuite easily helps in updating and monitoring the status of the container by centralizing Container Tracking Record.

Outbound Logistics – Irrespective being manufacturer, distributor or retailer, your customers want on time delivery of their product. If you’re manufacturer or distributor, many retailers are quick to apply penalties in case of delays. Moreover, delay payment and even de-list suppliers for sub-optimal performances are common scenarios associated with wholesale & distribution industry. NetSuite can efficiently address these pain points by integrating manufacturing. NetSuite ensures a smooth flow of production line and warehouse to customer’s dock using automated material flows, quality checks and warehouse operations.

Pick, Pack & Ship – NetSuite ensures simplified and easy fulfillment. Once an order is entered and approved, shipper will get automatically notified.

Defined Pick Strategies – With pre-defining preferred picking strategies, NetSuite helps in streamlining companies shipping process while increasing operational efficiency.

Cross-subsidiary Fulfillment – With the help of NetSuite, you can define which of subsidiaries and locations can trade with each other and under which conditions. With this, your operations team can make optimal use of inventory assets while remaining compliant with your company’s policies.

Carrier Integration – By supporting Netsuite integration with third party logistics such as UPS, Fedex and USPS, NetSuite helps in streamlining your warehouse operations.

Replenishment – NetSuite provides many tools that enable organizations to maintain right amount of inventory. By setting right stock levels, lead times and re-order points, NetSuite can help in catering to demand and supply across the entire organization. With NetSuite, you can automatically calculate key settings while enabling you to view and manage inventory across your organization.   

Traceability – With NetSuite, organizations can define inventory and assembly items as lot or serial. Based on these definitions, organizations can trace products from receipt back through entire lifecycle. Furthermore, organizations get the ability to view inventory by lot or serial number and drill-down to have all information related to transactions.

Final Thoughts

Thus, we can infer that NetSuite offers an end-to-end inventory management while enabling you to track inventory across multiple locations. You can create sub-locations and break these further to have a more finite level of tracking. With inbound/outbound logistics, NetSuite reduces total cost of ownership while making procure-to-pay processes more accurate.

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