Power BI – Helping Your Organization To Grow

Power BI delivers insights into organizations to enable them to make fast, informed decisions. With Power BI data can be transformed into stunning visuals and can be shared across employees on any device. With deployment options on-premises and in the cloud, Power BI enables you to visually explore and analyze data.

With actionable insights, Power BI enables you to make data-driven decisions at every level while meeting your security, governance, and regulatory requirements.

Familiar Tools:- Take advantage of familiar Microsoft Products to reduce training time as well as costs.

Quick Deployment:- Deploy Power BI as other Microsoft services with to run your organizations.

Security & Confidentiality:- Centrally control data accessing rights and usage while monitoring even on mobiles.

Meeting Your Unique Compliance Needs With BI

Power BI with SQL Server Reporting and SQL Server Analysis capabilities delivers pixel-perfect paginated reports while enabling you to quickly discover patterns to make better, faster decisions.

  • On Premises:- Build your BI environment on-premises and distribute reports behind your organization’s firewall.
  • On Cloud:- Deploy on Microsoft Azure to take advantage of powerful security and encryption technologies.