Top Tips for Successful NetSuite Implementation – A Practical Guide


Undoubtedly, Oracle NetSuite is one of the most popular and widely accepted Enterprise Resource Planning Software. As a cloud-based, true SaaS, NetSuite enables companies to manage all key business processes in a single system without involving hardware or large upfront cost. Engineered for small to large enterprises, NetSuite enables businesses to manage inventory, track finances, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Designed on modular approach, NetSuite brings your data to a shared database, enabling automation of front and back office processes.

With this, organizations can get real-time view of key performance indicators to make more informed decisions. With deployment of self-service B2B business portals, NetSuite ensures effortless supplier and customer collaboration to foster business partner relationships. With support for multi-currency, multi-language & compliance, organizations can confidently conduct business while driving success and growth. However, the success of any ERP depends on its implementation. Same is the case with NetSuite Implementation. In this guide, we are providing “Top Tips for Successful NetSuite Implementation”.

Identify Pain Points & Business Processes – Before bringing in NetSuite, it is recommended that you should identify the pain points and business processes associated with your current software stack. If you are using legacy systems, then figure out the problems associated with disparate data systems. Though, NetSuite is a powerful business automation tool yet understanding of critical business processes enables you to get the most out of the ERP investment. By conducting full business process review, you can align processes with NetSuite to eliminate manual data processing. This would help in eliminating waste.

Consider Bringing On a Partner – NetSuite is engineered to streamline and automate business processes but its implementation requires specific business knowledge. Though, you can implement NetSuite by hiring an internal team, however there are few limitations associated with that. It is not necessary that you get the efficient IT resources in your internal team. So, it is recommended that you should hire offshore development team for NetSuite Implementation. By outsourcing project to NetSuite Implementation Partner, you not only saves cost but also get added benefits like you don’t have to worry about expansions, hiring, firing, office space, healthcare and retirement plans, HR related problems, and additional physical infrastructure. Your implementation partner will act as a virtual extension to your business, providing you support in streamlining processes. Owing to industry knowledge, their functional consultants better understand your business and can draft a concrete strategy to digitally transform your business.

Build the Right Internal Team – Apart from hiring an external team, it is important to appoint the right internal team. You should involve upper management as well as managerial-level people in this team as plethora of information and detail around processes would be required by the functional consultants to draft the process workflows. Furthermore, your team will keep the watchful eye on the workflows, designed by the external team. You can verify whether processes are getting automated or not. Your internal team along with the external functional consultant can efficiently map the processes to ensure process automation.

Make sure you have clear scoping requirements – It is a good practice to define the scope of the project. You should properly document business processes and prioritize your requirements. This will enable you to determine the exact post-implementation functionality. This would also help your external team in timely implementation of the NetSuite ERP. Asking for additional functionality at later stage of implementation will not only affect cost but also require re-work, at times. This will eventually result in delay.

Utilize Workflows and Automation – NetSuite comes with built-in workflows and templates as per specific business niches. These pre-loaded packages can be used to create automatic workflows. You should consult with your implementation partner about capabilities of NetSuite. This will enable you to get the maximum out of your investment. With this, you can also find out the scope of customization. So, you can easily identity balance between customizing and best industry practices.

Utilize an Agile Methodology – Agile Methodology is an approach in which a big project is broken down into several stages. In this, constant collaboration with stakeholders takes place and testing and approval goes on simultaneously. This would bring tremendous flexibility and transparency in the development process. With this, you get the opportunity to identify whether workflows are going as per your business needs or not. Furthermore, this would also prevent scenario in which you would wrap-up the project only to realize that a mistake was made in the very beginning.

Start data preparation early – While implementing a new system, proper mapping of data for migration is very critical. You need to identify which historic data requires inputting in the new system. Furthermore, it is also important that right information must get in the correct fields. Cleansing of data is very critical for ERP success. In case, you are using disparate systems and want to migrate to cloud, ask for your implementation partner to clean the data to reduce inefficiencies associated with duplicate data.

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