What’s New with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is the top-notch customer relationship management solution. It holds all the making to steer productivity and increase the marketing value through business intelligence analytics, AI-driven insights, and campaign management.

Scrolling Down You Will Get To Know Ways Dynamics 365 CE Can Transform Your Business. Here’s What New Capabilities It Is Embraced With:

Apps and Sitemap Editor

With this functionality, it enables business administrators to combine its different functional areas into applications and render it to specific users efficiently. For instance, the marketing team can quickly design a marketing app to display only the relevant feature to serve the targeted audience only. This saves time and improves efficiency as well. Also, a graphical sitemap editor supports the process flow, which does away with the requirement to edit Sitemaps.

Machinable Grids

This solution provides the capability to display editable lists of records. It enables users to make changes without having to load it entirely. For instance, the manager in your organization might ask for customer quotes before shipping. In such a case, he can have a quick look over the offer list with the required permission and mark it ‘approved’ there itself, eliminating the need to retrieve each record.

Global Search

D365 Customer Engagement diligently modified this functionality and assisting its users with a new, full search relevancy feature, which matches each search term with each entity and sorted by the entity in a single list before showing the results. Integrated with GDPR, it facilitates the possible search for specific stored information via the relevance search efficiently.

Public Preview

This capability helps users with contextual insights into customer interaction. It prompts an automatic generation of action cards, which assists the users in reminding the contracts and prospects. Also, auto-capture forwards untracked emails to the users, which eliminates the need for manual reviewing of the email threads.

Unified Interface

It is the only client interface for all Dynamics 365 and Customer Data Service applications. It includes a series of navigation improvements and added functionalities, including integration with Microsoft Teams, integration with canvas applications in model-driven form, accessibility with omnichannel engagement hub within unified service desk, and integration with live profile cards.

Integration with Microsoft

It prompts integration between Dynamics 365 for Sales and Teams, which will be expanded to allow collaboration across multiple records through Dynamics views, opportunities, and accounts. This new feature enables the sales users to access customer information and documents via a D365 bot. It will help the user to remind to take meeting notes using voice to text capability. Also, it prompts analysis and suggests contextual follow-ups of the meeting efficiently.

Engagement Hub

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement has extended its functionality to assist businesses in increasing their connection and engagement with the customers through Live Chat and SMS. With such capability, this solution prompts active customer engagement and help drive productivity as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Embedded with artificial intelligence, this solution renders extensive assistance in getting deeper insights to upgrade customer service. Providing interactive Customer Service Insights Dashboards within Unified Service Desk, it stimulates social engagement as well. Predictive forecasting and customizable relationship assistant actions are other innovative capabilities within AI for Sales. 

Business Benefits Of D365 Customer Engagement

In particular, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement smoothens and streamlines employees’ communication with the customers. It readily enhances their capability to stimulate collaboration and turn potentials into consumers.

Its deployment can render the following benefits to your business and help you serve a huge clientele with diligence:

  • Extensive assistance to customers, potentials, and consumers from anywhere and from any device.
  • Network building and deepening customer relationships through AI-driven social insights.
  • The collaboration of the team to drive efficiency and increase profitability.
  • Purposeful and personalized creation of customer experiences to boost sales growth.
  • Easy-to-design process flows prompt cracking of more deals smartly.
  • Configurable dashboards and data visualization tools to get actionable insights and analytics.
  • Interactive charts for better analysis of the sales data
  • Increasing customer engagement by launching multi-phase marketing campaigns across multifarious channels.

D365 CE is intended to be implanted as cloud SaaS and drive proficiency with customer service of the businesses. It is more cost-effective than the earlier version and has upgraded features to support enterprises grow and gain good clientele. Its quick implementation, easy management, and high scalability make it the leading solution to boost customer relationships and retain long-term customer engagement with the organization.

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