7 Signs: You Should Switch to NetSuite Now!!

NetSuite has unbelievable capabilities to provide your business an exceptional growth. Equipped with amazing features and functionalities, it is taking the world over. Many big names are switching to this cloud based ERP leaving their ancient accounting ways back.

There are some business persons who are content with their old business management methods and are completely reluctant to adopt new ones. But it is quite possible that their doubts with NetSuite and their own old business methods are responsible for keeping them out of the competition and hence, costing them major loss.

Listing here, 7 situations which can help business persons with a clearer picture and confirm their need of NetSuite:

Your Business is Grown Now

You have started with a few members, small capital and little resources. But now, you are on your growing path and aim to achieve more. You seem to have outgrown your current software like Quickbooks. NetSuite offers real-time access to giant financial figure and reduces paperwork by pulling from a single source of data. This method compresses the processes between order and payment. Errors and data entry costs are decreased since information might be inter-related and shared.

You are Running Complex Processes Daily

If your organization runs every day complicated and critical processes such as revenue recognition processes manually or with no inter-connectivity, you should switch to NetSuite to get seamless, zero error and organized business processes within time. Netsuite’s agile, cloud-based systems are extremely helpful in managing your business with precision.

You Need a Complete Business View

It becomes essential for organizations getting a comprehensive overview of their business to predict outputs, implement preventive measures and synchronize all the operations. Simultaneously, accessibility of specific data at finger tips for users and executives is required. To meet this, NetSuite’s customizable and user-specific dashboards offer a full mentoring of your business.

You Need to Add More Systems & functionalities

With the growth of the business, it is required to embed new systems and functionalities in your existing business system. Netsuite’s cloud-based architecture is ideal due to its scalability. This ability to add systems and functions as per requirement enables rapid growth, giving your organization a generation next foundation of technology. The combination of easy implementation, top-tier functionality, and rapid scalability has made Netsuite the preferred choice for many organizations leaving behind the world of QuickBooks for a modern, cloud-based solution.

You Need Seamless Planning for your Business

Planning is the pulse of your business. If you are planning your business well, it remains alive with abundant returns. Built-in intelligence of NetSuite allows experts to trend future performance, lending credibility to decision making with the help of gigantic data pool. The Software fetches data from sales, shipping, client service, marketing and other departments to quantitative numbers. This permits accounting and business planning to label processes and products with time and costs. With such organized strategies, NetSuite helps in smart decision making which executes operations as per planning.

You are Losing Business with Restricted Time and Place

Ancient ways of business management are quite restricted to operate with respect to place and time. This may lead to unavailability at times when big business opportunities are knocking at the door. Cloud Based NetSuite provides strong and safe web-based accounting and management tool that allows for any-time and any-where access along with decision making. Cloud-based storage choices facilitate the protection of company information, particularly in cases of natural disasters or casualties.

You need an Advanced Financial Management System

Accounting software is designed to handle the assets, liabilities and liquidity of a single entity. But if you are looking to introduce a different structure or different currencies, your accounting software won’t be supportive. Manual handling of functionalities such as managing multiple entities, consolidating the financial activities incurs errors and inefficiency. Also, calculating tax in different currencies requires time-consuming manual processes. Well, your one stop solution to all these issues is NetSuite. The ERP has all the functionalities to address almost all possible accounting issues.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations and want to take off your business to the heights, it is the right time to make a shift to Cloud Solutions of NetSuite.

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