Boost Your Customer Satisfaction And Close More Sales With NetSuite CRM+ Implementation

NetSuite CRM+ Implementation

The goal of every business is to grow its brand and scale in the targeted marketplace. To achieve so, multiple operations are needed to be performed. Amongst them, managing customer seamlessly and sustaining them with long-lasting effect has become the biggest challenge for the organizations today. An advanced customer management software like NetSuite CRM+ can help organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of their customer base.

Considering today’s market trend, customer behavior, evolving expectations of customers, companies need to stay agile and responsive to their customers’ needs. Obviously, using spreadsheets or manual processes may not help you to respond to your customers quickly.

NetSuite CRM+ comes with advanced customer relationship management capabilities. A single integrated cloud platform with inbuilt functionality of sales force automation, marketing automation, customer support & services, and e-commerce integration with flexible customization capability.

NetSuite CRM+ empowers businesses with advanced and powerful sales performance management, order management, and partner management functionalities that help organizations to have full control into their sales steps from joint marketing campaigns to lead management, pipeline management to order processing, commissions, royalties etc.

Now, let’s take a tour of NetSuite CRM+ benefits and how such benefits can help to boost customer satisfaction and close more sales to drive successful sales campaigns with top efficiency:

Powerful Sales Force Automation

NetSuite CRM+ empowers your sales team with accurate records of each activity with real-time accessibility. Based on, they can manage opportunities across status and sales allied keynotes, document etc. Sales managers can also have a 360-degree view of all leads and opportunities in the pipeline. Such powerful capabilities help sales team to convert opportunities into quote and then sales orders with just one click.

Advanced Sales Forecasting And Quote Management

With use of NetSuite CRM, business minds can perform advanced sales forecasting and quote management to build reliability, predictability, and trust into the entire sales process. Sales manager can perform advanced and more accurate sales forecasting based on various advanced parameters and can compare the actual and the forecasted sales to make more informed decisions supporting their sales campaigns and the entire organizational performance.

Automated Incentive Compensation Management

This functionality of NetSuite CRM+ helps to save your sales team’s time and efforts that are consumed in compensation calculation. They can easily configure sophisticated sales commission rules that are based on quotes, sales, quantity, profitability and more. Sales managers can set up flexible commission schedules whether monthly, quarterly or annually.

Comprehensive Upsell, Quote, And Order Management

NetSuite CRM strengthens your sales team to easily convert your accurate quotes into approved sales orders. They can also perform intelligent upsell management in the order-capture process to provide recommendations based on past buying patterns. Also, you can improve quotes and order accuracy with automated tax & shipping-rate calculations, pricing & discounting rules etc. that eventually triggers your order management process and improves your workflow management.

Advanced Marketing Automation

NetSuite CRM+ helps to automate your entire marketing process across your marketing channels and lead captures from multiple of sources including web, search engine, email, events etc.  and enables better campaign alignment with real-time tracking facility. Also, supports to analyze campaign statics and ROI right from the initiation of the campaign.

Customer Service & Support

Call center capabilities of NetSuite CRM+ enables organizations to serve customer specific solution quickly and efficiently with a 360-degree view. By utilizing various customer insights and real-time dashboards, you can track and monitor the support cases driven for your customers.

Integration With E-commerce

With NetSuite CRM+, you can capture every event of your customer they perform on your selling channel. Integrating NetSuite+ with your e-commerce platform can help you to access in customers’ every transaction in real-time. This feature can increase your customer experience by mitigating the need of reconciling data across your CRM and e-commerce applications.

Integration With Social & Productivity Tools

NetSuite can be integrated with Yammer and Qontext with use of its SuiteSocial platform in order to improve collaboration and sales productivity. For instance, integration with Microsoft Outlook helps to sync and fetch contacts and calendar. Similarly, Google App integration supports to sync and access NetSuite information from within Gmail.

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