Dynamics 365 Rebrands Virtual Agent For Customer Service as Power Virtual Agents

Redefining Customer Engagement by Dynamics 365 for Sales

With technology updates on a regular basis and introduction of upgraded, innovative marketing applications every now and then, we encounter, accidentally or intentionally, every other write-up explaining ‘customer engagement.’ Many of these promises to help you deliver omnichannel experience and increase your clientele, particularly leveraging the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. However, customer … More

Why To Integrate Netsuite With Hubspot

In order to optimize processes, organizations leverage the capabilities of different software solutions. Sometimes, software work seamlessly together. At times, they may create problems as they are not designed to work in sync. NetSuite & hubSpot are two business management solutions that work perfectly well when integrated together, delivering benefits of more integrated lead and … More

All You Need To Know About NetSuite Warehouse Management

Efficient warehouse management is considered as the key to success for any growth oriented business. Inventory is something which you need to maintain efficiently in order to stay ahead in the competition. Optimum inventory management is very crucial as both over or under inventory cause substantial financial impact on business. Furthermore, supply chain complexity is … More

What Is Omnichannel Retailing?

Integrating all the existing channels to offer seamless shopping experience to the potentials is characterized as Omnichannel Retailing. Empowered by centralized data management, it enables customers to use different channels in their shopping process and they are given the chance to create their preferable shopping patterns. In particular, businesses dealing in the retail industry face … More

Keys to a Successful ERP Data Migration

Corporate data consists of many things like company information, employee details, customer invoices, supplier and vendor documents, customer care data, service level agreements, etc. Migration of data is a challenging task and success or failure of an ERP implementation heavily depends on it. It is always intended that migrated data should be cleaned of redundancy, … More