Centralize Your Shipping Management With NetSuite Shipping Integration

NetSuite Shipping Integration

Current customers expect more clear and immediate communication regarding their product purchase and its shipment status. It makes simple when your customers click on the link given in their shipment confirmation mail or text message that redirects them on shipment tracking portal.

NetSuite facilitates’ businesses with real-time shipment tracking by performing shipping integration with FedEx, UPS, and USPS logistics partners.

So, this blog is all about how shipping integration will empower your shipping and logistics process. Very first, you need to register your shipping carrier or logistics accounts such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS with NetSuite.

Now, let’s jump on the features that centralize your shipping management process:

Real-Time Shipping Rates

This will allow you to create real-time rates for shipping items to ensure that your shipping charges on orders are up to date.

Get Tracking Numbers

After shipping level integration, you will be able to receive tracking numbers from the shipping carrier that will actually let you trace the order location right from your NetSuite account.

Pick, Pack, And Ship

By enabling this feature, you will start receiving tracking numbers. Similarly, shipping labels will be created once the orders are marked with picked status.

Ship At Multiple Locations

Ship your orders at multiple locations by setting up your shipping career accounts for different locations to receive real-time rates and labels as per specific warehouse that you are shipping from.

Custom Options For Shipping Rates

With Shipping integration, It’s up to you whether you want to charge flat shipping rate from every customer or want to charge in terms of weight, per item or percent of order total.

Eventually, you get success in centralizing your shipping management with NetSuite shipping integration. Now, drive your customized and well-managed shipping strategies and keep your potential customers happy. inoday offers a world-class NetSuite shipping integration solution addressing your specific shipping needs.

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