Dynamics 365 Rebrands Virtual Agent For Customer Service as Power Virtual Agents

Dynamics 365 Power Virtual Agents

With the release of D365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service into a new packet of Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft has empowered its customers to create powerful bots using a guided, no-code graphical interface without any assistance of data scientists. Particularly, this new package addresses multiple issues with bot building in the modern industrial world, which eliminates the gap between the SMEs (subject matter experts) and the development teams building the bots.

What’s New And Advantageous With Power Virtual Agents?

In the first place, this power-packed functionality minimizes IT efforts and reduces cost by automating common inquiries and eliminates the dependency on the manual entry for dealing with more complex issues. Along with this fundamental richness, Microsoft simplifies its deployment offering the following planned features:

  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Bot Configuration
  • Core Authoring
  • Enhanced Language Capabilities

Digging deep down the functionality, you will find that Power Virtual Agents enables you to quickly sign up, create your bot, and embed it into your website. Moreover, offering powerful conversational AI capabilities, it allows your end-users to have multi-turn conversations that easily takes them to the right solution.

In other words, you can simply provide a topic for the bot to handle, build the conversation using a graphical editor, and let your bot handle customer requests about it.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Virtual Agents, you get bots who not only chat with users but act on their behalf as well. Subsequently, you can integrate with back-end systems and services out-of-the-box using Power Automate. In addition, you can track the performance of your bots using powerful metrics and AI-driven dashboards. In due course, you can make revamp to improve holistic performance.

In conclusion, Power Virtual Agents go hand-in-hand with Dynamics 365 Customer Service to deliver a 360-degree view of all the customer service-centric operations, allows you to consume support resources and smoothly automate them to gain high-value interactions.

To stay ahead of this advancing business world, an intelligent approach involves investment in the right direction, consult astute experienced partner, and get high- quality products.

Dynamics 365 Power Virtual Agents Can Be The Most Trustworthy Partner In Your Success Journey!

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