Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Gain Control Of Food and Beverage Inventory

Dynamics 365

There is no iota of doubt that the Food and Beverage industry is incredibly diverse with strict government/consumer compliance standards. From procuring material in the beginning from farmers to the processing and packaging, ultimately serving the public at the restaurants or stores, the complex procedure is followed that requires precision timing and informed decision making. Food and Beverage industry is looking for a robust ERP solution to ensure efficient operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for food and beverage can help in driving down costs, streamlining operations while monitoring food and safety.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful Food Supply Chain business management solution that enables companies to move, track, and trace products in real time while getting stock to market with speed, efficiency, and transparency. It eventually helps in increasing profitability while efficiently meeting the legislative requirements

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 You Can

It enables you to track and trace the production with complete visibility of all raw materials and semi-products across all stages of the supply chain through automated processes.

With MS Dynamics 365, you can assign user-defined quality statuses to restrict specific batches from being processed into production. You can further assign characteristics to batches such as expiration and best-before dates, fat and moisture rates

You can register and monitor customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 while improving delivery productivity with support for static and ad hoc routes, load sequencing, route optimization, distribution centers, and vendor-managed inventory Dynamics 365 also enables process integration across purchasing, production, sales, & accounting department while providing cost control on all commodities at critical supply chain points

It enables you to adjust formulas based on predefined ratios and scaling dynamically while setting a qualitative and quantitative lot and product attributes that can be inherited by the finished item

Monitor and analyze production costs for each component of multilevel formulas and recipes with integrated Power BI.

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