How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Revolutionize Construction Project Management?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Construction business is well-known for its notorious complexity as well as disjointed tools and systems. These disparate systems and processes contribute toward inefficiencies and project delays. To overcome inefficiencies and complexities, construction companies need a smart business management solution that not only can connect seamlessly the disparate systems but also help them in realigning downstream activities due to project schedule revisions or change orders. Construction companies, further, look to remove manual intervention in terms of translating, mapping and consolidating data from multiple point solutions to boost efficiency while gaining comprehensive control over everything including budgets, finances, resources, etc.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive, integrated, smart solution that seamlessly connects people, processes, and data across construction industry, enabling them to manage the entire lifecycle of complex construction and service jobs effectively and productively — from pre-construction through closing. As an integrated business solution, Dynamics 365 enables construction business to quickly and efficiently react to the ever-changing industry demands by offering greater control with the ability to remotely communicate job hours, materials, project milestones and more from anywhere with any device in real time. 

With unified CRM & ERP capabilities, Dynamics 365 for Construction streamlines and automates processes while making information collected from every part of the business accessible in real-time to make informed decisions. This means that no more time wastage on entering data into multiple systems, less time spend in retrieving data from multiple systems, and more time focusing on actual business. Automating processes, and collective data enable construction companies to respond faster to changing customer needs while allowing you to make decisions backed on useful data insights.  

Benefits of using Dynamics 365 for the Construction industry 

Operations Management: – Dynamics 365 will help in streamlining Financials, Customer Management and Supply Chain processes. Furthermore, D365 for Construction enables you to manage multi-site, multi-lingual, and multi-currency operations.  

Workflow Automation: – Workflows help in automating complex tasks while minimizing manual intervention to bring efficiency.  

Extensive Audit Trails: – Incorporate electronic signature functionality into business processes, providing complete visibility and audit trails. 

Project Management: – Dynamics 365 helps to keep your construction projects on-time and on-budget. With better visibility into equipment, material, and labor allocation, comprehensive resource utilization and maintenance analysis, and project milestone measurement, Dynamics 365 offers you complete control over the workflow as well as resources.  

Lifecycle Management: – By consolidating information from disparate systems into a single system, Dynamics 365 supports larger and more complex projects, enabling your construction firm to cater to clients’ ever-changing needs with effective management of the requirements and deliverables within estimated budgets. 

Real-Time Job Costing and Reporting: – Dynamics 365 enables you to track overall project’s health at each stage of development to ensure labor, equipment, material, subcontracts, and other costs are accounted for and on target. 

Workforce Management: – Capture time, activity update, equipment maintenance records, material requisition, etc make your field workers more productive. Support for mobile devices provides real-time visibility to tasks and allocations.  

Business Intelligence: – Power BI offers you useful insights in real-time as well as on historical data to plan, forecast and execute strategies.  

Inventory tracking: – D365 enables you to keep track of tools, materials and parts on site and in the warehouse with automatic replenishment capabilities.  

Customizable Billing Arrangements – Even the complex billing arrangements like percent complete or milestone billings can be handled seamlessly and automatically with Dynamics 365.   

So, we can infer that just like other project-based firms have to handle their complex processes, similarly construction industry is no more an exception to this. Dynamics 365 enables you to manage construction projects more efficiently while optimizing resources and improving customer relationships. As a leading cloud service provider, inoday offers a range of services from licensing, implementation, maintenance & support across Microsoft ERP solutions including Dynamics 365 AX, D365 F&O, D365 Business Central, & CRM. We act as a virtual extension to your business, helping you with complete IT outsourcing and management.    

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