How does Dynamics AX Streamline Manufacturing Processes?

Dynamics AX

Manufacturing industry follows a complex matrix that includes product variants, versions, changing specifications, etc. These variations put a lot of pressure on the business. In addition to these challenges, manufacturing units need to look after several other things such as configuration and installation and repair services, preventive maintenance, etc. In order to control and track all these aspects of business, you need a smart business application. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that enables manufacturers to efficiently meet these challenges.

As an industry-leading ERP solution, Dynamics AX enables manufacturing organizations to cater to growing challenges such as globalization, social awareness, contract, and in-depth operational insights. With support for multiple currencies, languages and local compliance, Microsoft Dynamics AX streamlines all critical business processes including financials, accounting, inventory, human resources, operations, etc. Whether you are lean, discrete or process manufacturer, Dynamics AX streamlines business processes, optimizes resources, minimizes lead times, and identifies accurate delivery dates while offering visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Dynamics AX enables manufacturers to

Manage Manufacturing Resources:- With Dynamics AX, organizations can achieve maximum profitability through their manufacturing resources. With master scheduling, production orders can be created while production helps you managing bills of material (BOMs) efficiently. Dynamics AX enables you to get a quick and reliable overview of manufacturing resources with capacity scheduling.

Optimize Production Flow:- Scheduling method is used to manage day-to-day operations in a manufacturing firm. Dynamics AX supports scheduling which can be performed at different levels of detail through job scheduling and operations scheduling.

  • Job Scheduling with MES (Manufacturing Execution System):- Job scheduling is a prerequisite for using the MES capabilities because it generates jobs for the time elements of operation so that time can be reported against these jobs.
  • Job Scheduling without MES:- Job scheduling is employed because it supports additional capabilities in comparison to operations scheduling. These include detailed scheduling of resources by time and date, load calculations by resource and resource group, several advanced approaches for scheduling logic, and support for job sequencing.
  • Operations Scheduling:- It is employed because of the simple needs for scheduling logic in managing day-to-day operations. It provides scheduling of resource groups by date and loads calculations by resource group, but it does not support sequencing or the advanced approaches for scheduling logic.

Real-time Insights:- With Dynamics AX, you will get real-time visibility into vital information which enables you to manage production processes. Real-time visibility across production orders, production start times, capacity loadings, delivery dates, and materials availability helps you to optimize production flow.

Flexible Routing:- Setting up of different routing versions, including network routes enables you to avoid bottlenecks while maximizing production efficiency. Dynamics AX enables you to have an overview of work centers alongside queue time, setup time, run time and transport time required for each operation. You can, further, calculate expected time at each operation needed at each operation.

Monitor Production Cost:- Dynamics AX offers flexible options for recording capacity and materials consumption. With Dynamics AX, you can record costs prior to production or can also record actual consumption during production. Dynamics AX enables you to compare actual and estimated production costs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Manufacturing / Production Features

  • Bill of Materials (BOMs)
  • Order Management
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Forecast Scheduling
  • Master Planning
  • Routing Management
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Cost Tracking
  • Job Monitoring

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