How ERP Can Improve Your Manufacturing Process

With globalization, the manufacturing industry has been witnessing the myriad of challenges in the tough, competitive business environment. With rapid advancements in technology, manufacturing units are embracing digital transformation to optimize their workflow while aiming at achieving organizational efficiency.

ERP Solutions like Dynamics 365 enable manufacturers to improve business processes across multiple sites and geographies. In this blog, we are covering ways on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can drive value in Manufacturing organizations.

Connect Business to Share Knowledge Between Engineering, Production, Sales, and Service Departments

Isn’t it be great if your engineers can analyze support incidents or your marketing team to segment by product configuration? With Dynamics 365 it is possible. Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables an organization to link every machine, system, device, customer, supplier, person, and even materials to the centralized database. With this, Dynamics 365 empowers employees in the boardroom, on the road, and on the factory floor to have complete visibility of useful insights in real time to make informed decisions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ends the artificial separation of front and back office by unifying service delivery, sales, and production management platform.

Delivers Real-Time Visibility from Shop Floor to Distant Supplier

Modern manufacturing includes web connectivity between suppliers and partners in which synchronization of processes is required for efficiency. ERP Systems such as Dynamics 365 deliver real-time insight across different processes so that manufacturers effectively gain control into their supply chain, minimizing the risk and costs incurred by system downtime.

Seamless Handling of Financial

With real-time analytics, based on built-in intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics enables organizations to make decisions faster while giving every employee a clear overview of his/ her role in the company hierarchy. With useful insights, organizations can do budget planning, budget control, & encumbrance to manage financials more efficiently.

Facilitates Internationalization

As a multi-currency system, Dynamics 365 enables you to do business outside the factory’s country borders. With reservation of Base currency, it allows you to accurately report on and analyze all data across the organization in a single currency.

Dynamics 365 helps manufacturers to stay in compliance while en-cashing business opportunities across the value chain.

Improved Customer Service

Dynamics 365 helps in strengthening relationships with customers with a fast response while providing you the competitive advantage. Right information about stock increases the accuracy of promised orders while unified system ensures better coordination in processing multilevel production orders.

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