How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Can Improve Collaboration between Sales and Project Delivery Teams

Microsoft Dynamics 365

For service organizations, effective teamwork and coordination between sales and delivery teams are very important to stay ahead in this competitive landscape. Sales teams possess deep insights about customers to need while the delivery team put forth their best efforts to achieve customer’s vision.When both teams work as a cohesive unit, they deliver successful conclusions to business objectives. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is a robust cloud-based project management application that provides a single system of engagement for project sales, resourcing, delivery, and billing teams.

Project Service Automation in Dynamic 365 enables seamless transition of project through each phase– from the initial prospect inquiry, to the closed sale, to project kick-off, through to project completion by the sales and delivery teams with the help of collaborative tools that ensure better understanding of clients as well as of the work that needs to be done. D365 Project Service Automation enables organizations to build trusted customer relationship by delivering outstanding project experiences.

Tools To Improve Collaboration in Dynamics 365 PSA

Email Tracking:- Integration with Office 365 helps team members to track Outlook email correspondence. Stored and viewed emails are stored in a central repository as an activity record. Users can use this activity record to keep people in the loop in conversations rather than forwarding an email thread. Email threads with a prospect, existing customer, or internal team members all have the ability to be tracked, stored, and referenced whenever needed.

Internal Social Collaboration:- With social collaboration tool, Microsoft Dynamic 365 PSA offers additional avenues for proactive sales-to-service information exchange. Organizations can set-up a private social network to post conversations and view newsfeeds with Microsoft Yammer. Office 365 also enables group creation to discuss new ideas or aspect of the project.

Group Document Library:- You can share and store documents, files, and meeting notes within the Group’s document library. This ensures that the team works on the latest version of the right document. Project documents available at one place with access at any time for team members eliminate confusion.

Group Calendar:- Insights related to sales and delivery team schedules enable team members better prepare for planned activities, deadlines, and important internal and client meetings. With groups, team members can share their calendar with others or can add other team members’ calendars to their own calendar view.

Core Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is a robust cloud-based project management application that provides a single system of engagement.

By bringing all team members are on the same page, the transition from closing a sale to closing a project becomes smooth and seamless. With sales and delivery team members, work in a unified & cohesive environment, help in creating valuable partnerships with clients, and support success at each step of the project.

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