How Oracle Netsuite Suitesuccess Helps In Managing Rapidly Growing Small Businesses?


In this highly competitive marketing landscape, businesses require technology that can bridge the gap between processes and people. Large organizations with multiple departments, processes and teams leverage the capabilities of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to streamline their processes. However, on-premise ERP systems are accused of being highly costly as servers, hardware, software, monitoring, maintenance & other things are associated with these. Another criticism leveled against the Enterprise Resource Planning solution is that for every customer, exact same package is available and in order to streamline the exact processes of the industry, high-level customization is required which leads to scope creep and budget overruns. Even after customization, there is no guarantee that you will get the optimal solution. Oracle NetSuite SuiteSuccess is designed to counter such challenges while enabling small and rapidly growing companies to manage all aspects of their business in a single, cloud-based system. 

As a core tenet that crosses all lines of business, SuiteSuccess requires no hardware, no large license fee, and no complex set ups to start. While all customers are unique and require special attention to address certain needs, there is also a vast amount of similarities among most companies within a specific industry. Leveraging on these similarities, NetSuite SuiteSuccess comes with pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, standard roles, processes and reports that enable vendors to take companies from zero to cloud in approx. 100 days. So, rather than spending time in requirement gathering and customization, implementation starts with pre-configured solution and take significantly less time to go live while ensuring greater accuracy of scope.    

Key features associated with NetSuite SuiteSuccess 

Rapid Implementation: – Pre-defined user dashboards, specific to roles, accelerate your time to market. Instead of spending time on evaluating how a company does business, SuiteSuccess starts by understanding the strategy and priorities of organization, enabling clients to improve and optimize their business processes instead of customizing a solution, based on industry leading practices.  

Unified Platform: – SuiteSuccess eliminates the need of integrations between disparate systems by natively unifying ecommerce, inventory and order management, CRM and ERP systems. NetSuite SuiteSuccess offers a single view of customer, orders, inventory and other critical business data, enabling decision makers to make more informed decisions while delivering consistent omnichannel experiences.   

No More Upgrades: – Oracle NetSuite is a multi-tenanted cloud technology that upgrades automatically without impacting your business operations.  

Flexible Pricing: – It is a trueSaaS product, which means getting onto the platform has low upfront costs, with huge long-term benefits. 

Scalable Solution: – With modular approach, NetSuite gives customers the opportunity to start small and continually grow. 

Core capabilities of Oracle NetSuite SuiteSuccess 

Business Intelligence: – Pre-built reports and value-driven dashboards offers you 360-degree view of your small business in real-time. From Sales and Marketing, Inventory Management, Accounting and Finance and more.  

Sales and CRM: – With meaningful and actionable insights of customer data, your sales team can explore new opportunities while delivering personalized experiences.   

Control Inventory: – With real-time view of inventory, you can efficiently control your procurement and sales processes. 

Warehouse Management: – With SuiteSuccess, you can modernize warehouse management plan with advanced locations, bins, serialized inventory tracking and RF device integration. 

Accounting and Finance: – With integrated GL, AP, AR, Budgeting, Procurement and Expense Management, you can streamline and automate finance and accounting functions while scaling with your organization. 

Marketing Automation: – SuiteSuccess offers industry leading marketing automation tools that streamlines customer communications to deliver consistent and personalized experiences.  

Project Management: – Manage your businesses projects, scheduling and get access to project data in real time. 

OneWorld: – Manage multiple entities and global purchasing and sales with live currency feed and inter-company automations.

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