Integrate NetSuite Plugins And Extensions To Accelerate Work Performance And Maximize Revenue


Among the available ERP platforms, NetSuite is trusted by leading industry enthusiasts across the global marketplace. But are you vigilant about the huge range of NetSuite plugins that can be downloaded just to optimize additional functionality of your NetSuite System?

Most of the organizations consider NetSuite because it comes with the combined functionality for CRM and ERP. Having such functionality at one place makes it flexible to manage customers, inventories, financial data along with outreaching to the targeted audience demographic and maintain healthy contact with them.

Fairly, there is a huge list of NetSuite plugins but we are going to elaborate about a few vital plugins that will help you in synchronizing and streamlining your regular process:

NetSuite Outlook Plugin

Such a dedicated plugin to your outlook account is available that empowers you to manage your emails, contacts, tasks etc. more effectively. Once you install this plugin, you can gain real-time view in your business relations, strengthen your CRM activities and make effective use of it to maximize revenue.

NetSuite Outlook plugin enables for the options to choose relevant NetSuite records whenever there is a need to write or receive an email. Such functionality helps to provide relevant communication threads directly from NetSuite to build and maintain healthy customer relationships.

NetSuite Magento Extension

The exciting benefit of using NetSuite Magento extension is to seamlessly drive your e-commerce functionality. It is also called NetSuite SmartConnector which is a prebuilt integration in your NetSuite account and making use of this integration helps to manage your back office operations while improving the buying experience of your customers by real-time order facilitation and accuracy in stock level.

NetSuite plugin for Magento ensures various business-driven capabilities such as advanced logistics, sales & payment management, stores connectivity, inventory & product management, refund & order cancellations etc. Such capabilities help to smoothly run your end-to-end operations synchronized and tracked in real-time.

NetSuite WordPress Plugin

WordPress is an easy-to-use web interface with a vast number of personalization options and integrated with NetSuite plugin helps to sync sales, customers, financial data into NetSuite account. NetSuite WordPress plugin helps to gain 360-degree access into your potential customers, orders, and inventory that eventually drive efficiency in your daily operations and lead your webstore toward profitability.

Today, most of the e-commerce owners take recourse of WordPress platform which is easy to configurable and manageable as it offers an opportunity to connect with a vast range of plugins. When it comes to integrating your WordPress store with NetSuite WordPress plugin, it increases your functionality multiple times and ensures that you are riding your business on the right track.

NetSuite Gmail Plugin

NetSuite Gmail Plugin enables to use your Gmail data into your NetSuite account. This NetSuite integration actually brings maximized functionality from all Google applications into NetSuite. Post integration, users can seamlessly get benefitted when it comes to user productivity as it provides data of your Gmail users into your NetSuite account.

Similarly, contextual and transactional customer data can be synchronized and accessed into your Gmail account from your NetSuite instance, this helps for more targeted customer communication relationship management. Tracking Google calendar will also help users to work as per schedule goals all the time to reduce redundancies and boost efficiency.

From Where To Get These NetSuite Plugins

NetSuite is an incredibly flexible cloud platform that is suitable for a diverse range of business domains. Surprisingly, it’s more impressive that NetSuite allows users to download content or functionality in terms of NetSuite plugins. These plugins can directly be availed from SuiteApps (

If your requirement generates to integrate your NetSuite account with any of the above platforms, just contact inoday’s team. Apart from the above extensions, you can avail integration with more available plugins.

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