Dynamics NAV is an intuitive, powerful, and easy to use Business Management Solution with the comprehensive functionality of leading ERP software as well as a modern user interface. Microsoft Dynamics Navision Services allows you to manage end-to-end service lifecycle from Work Station, Web Browser, and Smart device client. The intuitive user interface of NAV tailors to the different roles in the company. Particularly, Microsoft Navision ERP automates and streamlines the processes of small and medium-sized businesses. Also, it connects its sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and stock management. With NAV, you can precisely plan the use of resources; minimize response time while maximizing the profitability of your organization.

Meet the Changing Need of Your Business

Financial Management and Accounting

Financial Management and Accounting

Connects with financial transactions through ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It helps to manage general ledger, payables, receivables, analytical accounting, fixed assets, and cash flow. Also, it functions with information across affiliate companies & international deployments.

Business intelligence and reporting

Business Intelligence and Reporting

MS Dynamics Navision provides a comprehensive report with Business Intelligence capabilities to provide correct data that can be used to make smart decisions. Also, it helps analyze data extensively and easily anytime and anywhere.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Get all the tools that business requires to operate efficiently, increase profitability, and pursue new opportunities. Grow with NAV software and manage processes like manufacturing, distribution, and inventory management as per your business needs.


Manufacturing / Production

With fully-integrated Visual Production Scheduler, Microsoft Navision offers an interactive production plan to efficiently deal with production orders and capacities. Moreover, it enables you to quickly respond to unexpected incidents.

Sales and Service

Sales and Service

Manage service level agreements, documents, and contacts while streamlining dispatching. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation offers flexibility to organize your resources allowing you to capture information processing steps and status, manage data about service and employees.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is highly scalable and you can choose a deployment option based on your business, resources, and requirements. Also, one can deploy NAV easily on the Windows operating system and Microsoft SQL Server.

Project Management

Project Management

Better monitor ongoing projects while tracking resource expenses and usage, planning capacity, and predicting availability. For instance, you can make informed decisions while keeping projects on track while keeping costs in check by automating repetitive tasks.

HRM (Human Resource Management)

HRM (Human Resource Management)

Meet compliance, regulatory, and reporting requirements of your company with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Tailor roles while managing sensitive employee data with access management. Also, one can fulfill legal as well as reporting requirements.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a three-tier or three-layer architecture system.

Client Tier: The presentation or NAV Client tier handles the real user interface for the application.

Service Tier: This is an application server layer that controls all the NAV business logic and operations.

Data Tier: Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports only Microsoft SQL Server as the database server. Here, data is stored.

Licensing Model

Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses the “Perpetual” and “Subscription” based licensing model. Particularly, licenses are specific to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV version and are not forward or backward compatible. However, after upgrading the same license could be used. For instance, “Perpetual Licensing” provides small and medium-sized businesses to get started with an affordable upfront starting price, rapid start tools, and built-in functionality. “Subscription Licensing” keeps the upfront cost to a minimum through a “per user per month” licensing fee, enabling organizations to get started with a low initial cost.

Licensing and the Solution Functionality

Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality is delivered through the Starter Pack and the Extended Pack.

The required Starter Pack gives you core financials and distribution functionality to help you:

  • Gain control and insights over your finances
  • Manage sales items and materials in a distribution environment
  • Provide licensed users a singular view of the business from virtually anywhere through a variety of devices

The optional and additive Extended Pack adds functionality that integrates core financials and distribution management capabilities with industry-specific functionality extensions such as:

  • Manufacturing to support and control the manufacturing environment
  • Warehousing to manage the warehouse to support operations
  • Professional Services to manage the billables generated by consultants
  • Basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage customer and supplier relationships and offer the highest quality of service and support

Licensing User Access and the Solution Functionality

Users accessing the solution must be defined according to the type of access they need: Full or Limited.

Full User: Full User licenses provide users full read and full write capabilities to all of the licensed solution functionality through any and all modes of access, including the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client, or any other mode of access including web services. Moreover, this includes set up, administration, and managing all parameters or functional processes across the ERP solution.

Limited User: Limited User licenses provide users full read, but limited write, capabilities to all of the licensed solution functionality through any and all modes of access including the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client. Furthermore, you can write access to a maximum of three application tables in the object range 0 – 99,999,999 other than the General Ledger Entry table, through any client accessing the application.

How and where you want to work?

Dynamics NAV offers you the same experience as you get with Microsoft Office tools. Work seamlessly with Outlook, Word, Excel & other powerful tools along with iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Whether you are working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation partner in New York, Florida, the East Coast, USA, or other nearby regions, you can get consistent and more secure experience across mobile devices and have transparency from any location. In addition, automate your business by bringing servers, desktops, mobiles, applications, data, & documents together to increase your organizational productivity.