NetSuite Data Migration Process

NetSuite is basically the number one cloud business management platform in the world, which uses one system for the entire company and companies across the world manage their businesses with it. It allows for multi-subsidiary and multi-currency and other necessities in running a global business.

There are various options available to move your data into NetSuite solution. However you can find below sequence need to use when preparing for NetSuite data migration:

Suggested Sequence

  • Classifications: Department/Class/Location
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Employees
  • Import Relationships(Entities)
  • Import Activities and Communications
  • Import ERP Transaction Data

Suggested Best Practices:

  • Import Customer records first
  • Import Contact records second

Preparing for Data Import

  • Review existing data and scrub data
  • Determine import options
  • Determine how to map from existing application into Netsuite
  • Create a .csv template
  • Run test imports
  • Resolve errors
  • Plan for data migration
  • Import data prior to the “go-live” event
  • Resolve any errors
  • Review data validity

We have developed utilities to upload these transactions as well in NetSuite without impacting any standard NetSuite process flow. This utility help business to migrate data in NetSuite easily and efficiently.

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