We have flexible support options tailored to your business needs to maximize your business. Besides, with deep expertise across NetSuite ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, SuiteCloud, we deliver NetSuite support services and specific NetSuite modules as well. Also, our NetSuite support team will be able to address any of your questions and issues rapidly to keep your business running smoothly.

Also, you can avail of premium support NetSuite benefits, which include comprehensive, prioritized, and timely issue resolution. Moreover, business administrators can make the most of access to informative and solution-focused resources to witness substantial business headway. Furthermore, with flexible plans to align with your needs from self-sufficiency to managed service, you can streamline core business operations and business processes efficiently. Furthermore, with our access to advanced customer support, you can avail of a single point of coordination for NetSuite customer service and NetSuite customer support. Particularly, we help you with one contract for your maintenance, administration, sustaining, and enhancement needs. Moreover, offering NetSuite case management we help solve mission-critical issues and identify key areas of business improvement, too.

Our Customer Support Service

  • Ticket Tracking System
  • Business Hours Support
  • Weekend Coverage
  • Peak Period Support
  • Priority Support

Above all, we are also offering a wide range of training, webinars, and courses. Connect with us to know more.



NetSuite Customer Services
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Support & Maintenance
  • NetSuite Customer Services
NetSuite Customer Services
  • High-Level Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing and Integration

Furthermore, inoday knowledge base has a repository of technical documents as well as tools covering everything from planning installation and upgrades, to understanding error messages and fixing specific known issues. We deliver extensive effort to add and update technical solutions, FAQs, and troubleshooting documents written by inoday Consultancy Services (P) Ltd engineers and technical staff daily. When a solution is identified to solve an issue, inoday TSR may share this solution with the Customer via email or verbal communication.

Software Maintenance and Technical Support

  • Support by phone, e-mail, remote access 24 x7 & online chat
  • Definition Updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Urgent maintenance releases
  • Interim releases (as required)
  • Backup (SuiteScript, Bundles, etc)
  • Product documentation, release notes, troubleshooting guide
  • Technical white papers about Oracle NetSuite products

Product Forums

  • Shared knowledge of inoday Consultancy Services (P) Ltd products and solutions
  • An online community of customers, partners, and employees
  • Updates on Navision India products and technologies

Customers can view and post on the discussion threads in all Forums.

Three-tiered Technical Support

Particularly, this schedule describes the general principles, procedures, and standards according to which, one can avail of end-User technical support for Oracle NetSuite products. Also, it defines the regulations covering the cooperation between the Partner and the Vendor for the provision of technical support.

First Level of Technical Support (L1): Second Level of Technical Support (L2): Third Level of Technical Support (L3):
Recommendations on configuration and usage of the Oracle NetSuite on standard configurations of the popular operations and functions. Initial troubleshooting carried by L1 support. For future reference, all necessary information is forwarded to the Second level technical support. Involvement of the product development teams Resolving all product-related issues which have been escalated from the first & second level support competence.
Recommendations on report generation, access by user roles, and quick help regarding finance, sales, purchase, inventory, warehousing, etc. Recommendations regarding the installation, customization, and usage of the Oracle NetSuite Products for the standard/non-standard configurations of the operational, mailing, or other systems.
Also, Any consultation, regarding the Products’ documentation and on other official Vendor information resources.

Support For Requests and Error-Handling

Definition /Impact Standard Response Time
Oracle NetSuite Configuration or Implementation that:
  • Renders an End User’s copy of the NAV Product inoperative; or
  • Causes the product to be in system down condition in the End User’s environment.
Within 4 Business Hours
High impact error in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Product that materially obstructs the use or performance of the Product by End Users.
  • It would have been repetitive in nature and has an impact on the timely performance of tasks.
Within 8 business hours
An error in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV configuration/ implementation that:
  • Causes minor impact on the use of the Product
Within 3 business days
An enhancement or customization or a feature request Within 5 business days