Redefining Customer Engagement by Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales

With technology updates on a regular basis and introduction of upgraded, innovative marketing applications every now and then, we encounter, accidentally or intentionally, every other write-up explaining ‘customer engagement.’ Many of these promises to help you deliver omnichannel experience and increase your clientele, particularly leveraging the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. However, customer engagement is beyond multiplying this number.

Every business administrator looks towards an application in his perspective and squeezes out the most fruit-bearing functions out of it. This bears a reason, where mystified and meager information has hovered over many intelligent brains. Here, you can comprehend customer engagement efficiently, find ways to measure it, manage your clientele, even if you are a small or mid-sized business.

Let’s know first,

What is Customer Engagement? 

Although it may seem a modern business world process, it has proven to draw maximum organizational benefits for most of the businesses in the past. It involves interacting with customers through an array of channels and empower your relationship (company or brand) with them. Eventually, this interaction should be qualified as unique as your business. It can be simplified as allowing the customer to choose how they would like to engage with your business or brands makes your customer engagement discretely unique.

The three major steps of deploying customer engagement capabilities are:

  • Acquire—Involve following your business on different online portals
  • Engage— Choosing your business every time to pick different products or services
  • Retain— Getting personalized offers and promotions for showing consistency

Now find,

How To Measure Customer Engagement?

The best way to make the most of customer engagement is to measure it properly before its deployment. The following ways can help you do it efficiently:

  • Guest Checkout Rates—It includes evaluating a number of customers who made an order without making an account andthe number of orders made by a guest. This helps measures that on making an  account, customers are more likely to re-order.
  • Frequency of Purchase—Checking how many times a customer orders at your store and the number of orders in the last 365 days. In such a case, AI-driven analytics offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing can ease your process. It helps you measure the duration it takes on an average to re-order from your store.
  • AOV or Average Order Value— You can measure the average amount spent by a customer while making a purchase as well as the total revenue over the last 365 days. You can check the average customer spends per purchase, which usually increase more than their one-time purchase counterparts, making it an important sales metric.
  • Repeat Purchase Rate—Speculate the percentage of customers making more than one purchase within stipulated time and the number of customers purchasing more than once. This helps you check how the repeat purchase rate delivers the effectiveness of your business’s retention strategy.

Strategize Customer Engagement

There are some fundamental methods to strategize customer engagement and prompt your business sales. At first, you should create a brand voice, which helps to establishyour business organization as a leader in its industry. The next step goes with sharing your brand voice. With this, it captures more power to connect, acquire, and engage customers. Obtain customer feedback and deliver personalized service to delight them and let them select preferences. Evaluating feedback surveys, you can create content based on customers’ purchase history.

To make optimal use of customer engagement, you can rely on Dynamics 365 for Sales Training offered by leading CRM service providers and witness exponential headway of your business organization.

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