Release 2017.2 for NetSuite SuiteCommerce

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

The rollout of NetSuite 2017.2 has released some exciting and improvment in the SuiteCommerce world. You can find some of the significant things below:

Enhanced Item Location Configuration

For multi-location inventory, there is massive table in the Locations subtab when viewing an item’s inventory. Now in this new release some improvements as:

  • Fewer fields makes it easier to visualize your item’s inventory information
  • Select the fields relevant to you to optimize your work
  • Loading fewer fields improves the page’s performance

You need to visit Setup > Company > Enable Features > Items & Inventory and then select Advanced Item Location Configuration, you can take advantage of the new feature.

SuitePromotions Audit and Visibility

In 17.2 there are core code improvements by offering some small improvements to the way that you can track what’s going on in an order in regards to the promotions. For example, if a sales order was placed and the promotion code that was used was not applicable, it’ll give you feedback on why:

SuitePromotions Audit

Along with Criteria Not Met, you have other option as Discard by Best Offer and Discard by the User, which will track if the system removed a promotion or if the user did. With this information, you keep a record of what happened should a customer get in touch to query it.

Separated Pickup In Store Buffer Stock

When customer select the “Pick from Store”, that means store shopfloor should have available the items to fulfil. In 17.2, we’ve got a new field added precisely for this scenario. Now on location and item records, you can specify Store Pickup Buffer Stock levels specifically, leaving the Buffer Stock field free to be used for ship-from-store fulfilment.

Sitemap Generator

One of the ways you can improve your SEO is by having a sitemap. Sitemaps list all the locations on your site that you want search engines to visit and index. While search engines do a reasonably good job of this by themselves, having a sitemap is like putting up sign posts and makes it clear that you want those pages included in their search results.

You can setup or create the sitemap Setup > NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced > Sitemap Generator. It generates a sitemap in minutes and includes by default your home page, product detail pages and commerce category pages.

You can use a feature in the Advanced tab that alerts Google and Bing of changes to your site map, requesting that they reindex the site.

Custom Content Types in Site Management Tools

Now, with the help of developer, you can implement your own custom content types to the site. For example banner management, you would create a custom record type and then define a number of custom fields to accompany it (eg background image, headline, URL, etc) as well as some other basic configuration (such as an icon). After saving it, a site administrator can then drag and drop it onto a page just like they would any other piece of content.

CDN and Caching Improvements

Using a CDN and caching speeds up the response time for pages and resources when a customer hits your site. You can access this page by going to Setup > NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced > Cache Invalidation Request.

Duplicate Email Address Detection

While NetSuite has inbuilt features to allow you to merge duplicate records together, a number of customers have expressed concerns around the costs and time associated with this. In 2017.2, you can now enable a feature that prevents new users from registering if their email address is already associated with an account.

Our Expert Note
While you may have to enable features or do some configuration for some of them, there’s no work that needs to be done in the frontend code in order to get them to work.

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