One platform for cloud and hybrid settings, SAP BTP unifies intelligent corporate applications with database and data management, analytics, integration and extension capabilities, and intelligent technologies. SAP BTP enables integration, data value creation, and landscape extension in SAP environments for SAP developers, customers, and partners.

The unified, business-focused open data and development platform for the whole SAP ecosystem is known as the SAP Business Technology Platform (often abbreviated as SAP BTP). SAP BTP helps SAP developers and customers to integrate and create value from data, as well as to extend within and outside of SAP landscapes, with the highest level of development efficiency and on a solid multi-cloud basis.

Data from SAP and outside applications can be used to generate value by SAP developers, customers, and partners. This is made possible via SAP BTP. Through adaptability and ongoing innovation, this assures long-term success. Customers of SAP will have access to an ever-expanding library of fresh, cutting-edge product features. Customers will receive greater value as a result. Tools are available through SAP BTP for various developer personas.

A multi-cloud basis that enables contemporary, adaptable and cloud-native developer tooling is provided by SAP BTP. It also makes it possible to integrate data and processes in the best possible way using events and uniform data models. For all end-to-end operations, SAP BTP now offers a consistent experience for integration, the value from data, and extensibility. A consistent user experience across applications and technology is how this manifests itself.

In and around SAP environments, SAP BTP \capabilities are primarily focused on business outcomes. BTP provides tooling that is tailored to the processes and data, and integrated security and compliance will ensure that the sensitive data is protected. In an open cloud platform, BTP capabilities streamline development and speed up integration. Utilizing pre-built connectors, customers can quickly extend and integrate any SAP or outside application utilizing SAP BTP services.

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