Dealers can map a variety of contemporary omnichannel and retail processes with SAP CAR by using just one system. Real-time inventory data, delivery and shipping optimization, AI-supported forecasting, high-performance sales data processing, and improved product distribution and replenishment are all included. The solution has ready-made interfaces for S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Analytics, and POS systems like SAP by GK, allowing for full integration into an SAP environment.

SAP CAR’s real-time data and precise forecasting

The system is always up to date with relation to article stocks in branches because of almost real-time cash register data processing. For procedures like Click & Collect or Click & Reserve, this information is crucial. The system can employ machine learning to produce extremely accurate estimates of future sales statistics based on existing sales data.

Distribution and placement of commodities are optimized

With SAP CAR, short- and medium-term scheduling can reach a new level. To get as near to the ideal dispo point as possible, precise forecasting in relation to details of the relevant sub-sector, such as spoilage, best before date, fresh products created during the day, textile seasonality/collections, and textile distribution curves, is necessary.

Utilize SAP CAR to easily plan and simulate assortments

Variety planning is a difficult procedure. A trading firm can use SAP CAR to plan its entire product line, both financially and in terms of quantity, as well as to develop planning scenarios. Planning may then be effortlessly transmitted to the MRP/goods distribution due to the integration of the components.

Centralize your planning and execution of tasks

All actions can be planned and managed centrally with SAP CAR. After that, the system automatically determines the pertinent campaign pricing for each campaign. All systems can receive this information. In this method, uniform promotions and prices are distributed across all sales channels centrally from a single source.

SAP CAR’s e-commerce delivery time optimization

In addition to other criteria, the definition of a supply source network makes it feasible to identify from which source a client may be supplied the quickest. This allows the system to decide which branch or distribution center should make the ultimate delivery of the products. This method can be used to implement scenarios like same-day delivery or splitting orders based on the delivery date.

SAP CAR automatically detects empty shelves

SAP CAR is able to independently identify odd exceptions and sales frequency. Based on freely set threshold values, the system automatically generates a warning message if there are no sales. Thus, store employees may quickly check the appropriate shelf and restock the merchandise.

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