Scope of Enterprise Resource Planning for Aviation Industry

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As the aviation industry is fostering, the challenges associated with this is also growing. From inventory management, expense counting, MIS reporting, customer data, customer preferences to salary disbursement, there are several challenges which the Aviation industry is facing today. As the competition is growing, the aviation industry also looks to get real-time access to information alongside inventory, customer data, and preferences, refund details, transactions etc. The most appropriate solution for this is ERP.

ERP simplifies and improves processes across the aviation industry – from planning to operations, streamlining workflows while providing real-time insights into passenger needs to ensure superior service.

Some of the key benefits associated with ERP are listed below:-

Workflows Optimization:-

With a centralized database, ERP connects finance, sales, inventory management and purchasing to perform industry-specific functions like technical records, component control, engineering and production control all in one location. Technical records like flight logs, component tracking, and reliability analysis ensure efficient requirement handling through the system.

Real-time Data Access:-

The airline industry is bombarded with loads of data every minute. ERP enables teams to gain useful insights about the customers, their preferences as well as inventory. ERP eliminates redundant processes like double checking of data and metrics. ERP streamlines processes and reduces time in managing resources and gathering requirements for different processes in the supply chain. ERP gives management effective control over industrial and financial activities to bring efficiency.

ERP can easily import data on airlines and their aircraft fleet, reducing redundancy while making the process quick. With capabilities to track all emails and communications with suppliers, customers, and partners, ERP enables you to develop, improve and retail customers while increasing your profitability. Integrated CRM solution, optimizes your operating processes, enabling you to make the most of your customer relationships or sales leads.

HRM:- Advanced ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports the entire employee life cycle. With such ERP solutions, the Aviation industry can seamlessly manage recruitment, employee administration to talent management, Time and Attendance, & Mobile Working. From reporting to salary disbursement, all HRM functions can be completed in an efficient and secure manner.

Multi-currency Accounting:- As the aviation industry is spread across all over the world, multiple currencies are involved. ERP streamlines foreign currency cash flow management while minimizing risks of losses due to timing differences between incoming and outgoing foreign currency flows.

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