Third Party Logistics Integration (3PL)


Third party Logistics (3PL) integration is one of the significant part of any business solution. 3PL services are almost always integrated or packaged together by the provider. The well synchronisation with your backend ERP is easing your support and operation staff.

The ultimate goal of 3PL integration is to have real-time, end-to-end supply chain transparency, allowing you to provide the best possible customer service. ERP integrated processing will include faster re-configuration of fulfilment processes to respond to customers, lower upfront capital, and allow business house to focus on other core operations of their business.

There are three considerable are as below:

  • Synchronisation of stock systems
  • Integration touch points
  • Volume & frequency

Some of the transactions identified for integration are:

  • Item Master
  • Sales Order (including shipping address, invoiced items line item wise)
  • Purchase Order
  • Stock Update


The ability to reconcile the ERP(enterprise resource planning) and 3PL stock systems is important. We would recommend creating a report which can be run daily, at a time when no-one is using either the WMS or the ERP, comparing the WMS & ERP stock levels.

Our Expertise

We have currently integrated 3PL “Teckwah” and “Imagine Fulfillment Services” with NetSuite. This is a B2B integration that mean, we have integrated for Supply Chain Management. We have developed the portlet and scheduled script to synchronise the Inbound (Purchase Order) and Outbound (Sales Order) process both. Inbound Logistics refers to movement of goods and raw materials from suppliers to your company. In contrast, Outbound Logistics refers to movement of finished goods from your company to customers. We are still enhancing the solution to integrate the partial shipment, however the solution is working well for batch processing and event based data sync.

NetSuite integration can be performed within any workflow to allow appointment scheduling and remotely manage the data.

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