Top Features: How NetSuite Release 2019.1 Empowering Service Companies

With continuously evolving market and rising demands of the customers, adopting change has become the primary aspect for the service based organizations such as consultancies, call-centers, IT service providers etc. Hence, service companies are hiring NetSuite service providers to avail cloud ERP solution for their service based businesses.

Your business is dynamic and its requirements are frequently changing. For instance, your team needs to adopt new system configuration, increasing clients’ expectations should be fulfilled, and key-ideas for your business should be implemented simultaneously.

NetSuite (#1 cloud ERP) understands the core necessities of the service companies and hence, added extensive features and functionality in its new release 2019.1. Here are the few glimpses of such features:

Create New Projects Faster

In order to manage professional services, NetSuite release 2019.1 has been upgraded with several powerful features just to bring flexibility in project management. Now, It’s easy to create a project or assign tasks to the specific group of resources rather than assigning a task for each individual particularly. This new functionality will enable seamless data flow while saving time and potential efforts.

Manage Your Resources Easily

Resource allocation for a project is no more a typical job now with NetSuite’s new addition for service companies. There is a functionality to reassign bulk tasks and enable your employees to pick the task directly from the pop up window. You can also allocate hours for a particular project to ensure the precise flow of the distinct project and to optimize productivity.

Perform Seamless Accounting Practices

NetSuite release 2019.1 has been upgraded itself with various powerful accounting features. Now, adjustment can be made in secondary books, the primary book will not be affected by this change. Although you will be able to access the data from both primary and adjustment-only books to forecast and make better decisions.

Administrative Overheads Are Reduced

Processing the timesheets were more complex in previous NetSuite versions. With NetSuite’s new edition, timesheet reporting will be more simple, improved, and faster as irrelevant entries have been removed. This faster timesheet reporting will be helpful for project tracking and forecasting.

Employees Can Be Managed More Effectively

In service-based companies, employees are vital and there must be a solution for the HR team to know the status of each employee whether someone is just hired, on probation, on leave or terminated. NetSuite 2019.1 enables HR management to actively know the employee status and employee type categories.

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