Which one is best for small and midsized businesses : ERP vs CRM


Enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management (CRM) are evolutionary cousins. ERP and CRM branched off in the mid-90s. Around that time, contact management, database marketing, and sales force automation had begun to look like modern CRMs (albeit strictly on-premises). It’s important to understand these main differences to know what might be best for your small and midsized businesses.

What is ERP?

This is why some small businesses are asking themselves whether they need an ERP solution under their belts; a question that once upon a time was only asked as they reached the mid-market stage. An ERP creates a framework by which your business can plan its resources, as the name implies. ERP software is designed to manage key components of your business, from accounting, to human resources to inventory and supply chain.

What is CRM?

Customer-relationship management software is used to organise, automate and synchronise sales, marketing and customer service. CRM software tracks customer information across departments. It also houses information on potential new customers as well and can be a valuable tool in tracking leads or creating marketing campaigns.

Both CRM and ERP Have Value

The answer for most companies is that both. CRM and ERP are often both needed to maximize efficiencies and automate manual processes. ERP and CRM software are both valuable assets that allow you to make better decisions, generate reports and manage business success in today’s competitive market. enterprise resource planning and Customer-relationship management systems use different approaches to increase profitability.

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